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Sweet 16 Party Planner
We all know teenage girls look forward to their Sweet 16.  Some may even start to plan it a year before their actual big day.  With this in mind, there are many different ways you can plan this big event.  Let Mr Dj help you with all the entertainment for your party.  From hand-outs to montages, music and everything in between we have what it takes to give her that night to remember.  Our staff of Dj's, MC's, and Photographers are like no other when it comes to making our party girl feel like the princess she deserves. 

Montages are a great way to share her story with her family and guests. Each montage is unique and  shows a series of photos taken from the time she was born to the current day. The montage is shown while all your quests are enjoying dinner.

Our photographer will capture her special day throughout the night, from the time she enters the room till the last song is played. Throughout the party, more and more pictures are uploaded and displayed on the projection screen for her guests to see.

Lighted Front Board  
Want to change the mood and atmosphere of the room. You can't go wrong with a lighted front board. This changes the entire look of the dj set up and with that creates an atmoshpere like no other. You and your guests will love the look and feel it brings to the room.​

Intelligent Lighting
These lights not only are brighter and more elegant then our regular basic lighting, they also are on display on top of our 8ft Totem Trusses.  Each truss creates a beautiful atmosphere in the room with these lights mounted a top displaying multiple colors and designs of your choosing.

​Black Lighting
Another great addition to any Sweet 16 is Black Lighting. Mr Dj has some of the most state of the art lighting for any size venue. Our black lights give a great club feel to the party. It is highly recommended that if you decide to add black lighting to your party, to add the extra hand-outs that go along with it. For example: Glow in the Dark sunglasses, hats and necklaces are a great addition for a black light party.

Hand-Outs are always a popular item to add for entertainment of your guests. Some of the most popular handouts for a sweet 16 are  leis and lighted necklaces. Sometimes you just cannot hand them out fast enough.

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​Basic Package --- $650

This package will include 
  • 4 hrs of music
  • One Man Dj/MC
  • Basic Dance Lights

Sweet 16 Packages
Deluxe Package --- $845

This Package Will Include
  • 4 hrs of music
  • Two Man Dj/MC
  • Basic Dance Lights
Princess Package --- $1,595

This Package Includes:
  • 4 Hrs of Music
  • Two Man Dj/MC
  • Upgraded Lighting w/Front Board
  • Snaps w/Photographer and Tv Screen
Sweet 16 Custom Pricing Options

Montage --- $600

Snaps --- $600

Lighted Front Board --- $300

Intelligent Lighting --- $300

Black Lighting --- $200

Hand Outs --- TBD